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Chapter VII Vacancies in Office

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An office shall be deemed vacant upon the incumbent’s death, adjudicated incompetence, conviction of a felony, resignation, non-residency, or recall from office; upon the incumbent’s ceasing to possess the qualifications necessary for his office; or upon the failure of the person elected or appointed to an office to qualify therefor within three days after the time for his/her term of office to commence; and in the case of mayor or councilman upon his/her absence from three consecutive regular council meetings without the consent of the council and upon a declaration by the council of the vacancy.

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Vacancies in elective office of the city shall be filled by appointment by a majority of the entire membership of the council. The appointee’s term of office shall begin immediately upon his/her appointment and shall continue until the next regular city election at which time a successor shall be elected to fill out the unexpired term of the vacancy.